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be complete on your own terms

The Soul Sister Academy is a series of online courses for women who are ready to implement long-term solutions and big life changes through healing work and mindset shifts without putting even more on their plates. It's an initiation into a higher knowledge... at your own pace.

who is it recommended for?

Every woman. But to be more precise - those who can relate to:

  • Mental health struggles - eg. anxiety, depression

  • (Chronic) health issues - eg. gut health, insomnia, PCOS 

  • Relationship struggles - eg. wrong partner, loneliness, unsupportive family

  • Work struggles - eg. hating your job, being unappreciated

  • Financial struggles - eg. constant stress about money

  • Femininity - eg. struggling to connect to your womanhood outside the societal norms and expectations

  • Struggle finding yourself - eg. people-pleasing, suppressed anger, identity crisis

  • Being chronically tired - eg. burnout, overwhelm, survival mode

  • Perfection olympics - eg. you need to be good at everything all at once and be there for everyone, or the world falls apart

  • "Do it yourself" - eg. you need to fix everything and rely on nobody else

  • Loss of hope - eg. feeling like the world is corrupt, bad, and hopeless

Everyone's journey differs so there are no direct solutions involved, you will not be pushed out of your comfort zone. Everything in this list is addressed so you can understand where they came from and how you can move past them on your own timeline and way. 

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"I'm Not Okay"

We all know the hopelessness of knowing we need significant changes, but we barely have the energy to fix the urgent issues that keep popping up. 

Lainey wanted to create something that provides significant mindset shifts without putting more on student's plates. There is no doing, no pressure. Just listen, reflect, and surrender.

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what does it help you with?

  • Secure a steady identity and sense of self you can fall back on

  • Reconnect to your womanhood and detach from societal expectations

  • Feel and be enough at all times

  • Understand the fundamentals of human consciousness and the reasons why we experience life as it is

  • Gain the tools to change anything about your life

  • Understand your hardships and map out your own healing path

  • Gain the tools to address personal struggles

  • Gain control over your road to achievable happiness and balance

  • Get rid of unhealthy patterns and get your needs met

  • Gain a tribe and community where you are supported and belong

Healing means taking deliberate and very brave steps to uncover the reasons of why we are stuck in unhealthy patterns, why we struggle in certain areas of our lives, and who we truly and unapologetically are underneath the hard shell this life and the world made us grow - then course correct them and build everything up healthy and balanced.

Spirituality is the skill of self-reflection in the face of a bigger cosmic truth. It is the understanding of the human experience from the point of surrender and with this gaining full control over every aspect of our lives. 

The Soul Sister Academy is designed to gently guide you through the basic knowledge about both, create significant mindset shifts, and give you tools, skills, and the trust to navigate your journey. You will be initiated into deep knowledge at your own pace.

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bonus: community

Everyone who joins the Academy automatically gains access to our Academy Community - You can discuss lessons, personal experiences, ask Lainey and the Team anything, or make new friends! You can contact each other in direct messages too!

what are we going to learn?


Lesson I.

  • How can elevating your consciousness change the world and your life

  • Unconditional love as the fundamental law of the universe

  • How to understand and claim spirituality on your own terms


Lesson II.

  • How can you take control to create anything in life

  • How can we step out of society's unrealistic expectations

  • How to live a life unapologetically based on your needs and wants


Lesson III.

  • How can you create an ideal life and world you would like to live in

  • How to build a healthy relationship with yourself from the ground up


Lesson IV.

  • How to heal your female lineage and heal yourself and the world by doing it

  • How to leave our individualistic culture behind and find your support tribe


Lesson I.

  • Step-by-step guide to take full responsibility of your life and gain control over every single aspect of it

Lesson II.

  • The history and long term effects of the patriarchy we live in

  • Redefining the feminine outside of the social construct and reconnecting with it 

  • How to understand and use feminine/masculine energies for your gain


Lesson III.

  • How does trauma affect your life and how can you step on a healing path

  • Understanding how your past shaped your future and how to regain control

  • How does trauma affect the body - eg. nervous system, gut health, hormone balance


Lesson IV.

  • How to fix self-abandonment and understand why it exist

  • Understanding what you inherited from your ancestry and how to heal from it

  • What is your "identity" and how do you find and define it



Lesson I.

  • How do you become a creator instead of a victim

  • Understanding the meaning of ego and stepping into your power

  • Taking responsibility for your life without blaming yourself

  • Changing the false narrative that you're not good enough

  • Mapping out the conscious and automatic route to stability and happiness

  • How to get out of your own way to always find your way


Lesson II.

  • How to dissolve any pattern that doesn’t serve you and consciously create impactful changes

  • How to cultivate the confidence that changes everything in your life

  • How does manifestation really work and how to use it to your advantage


Lesson III.

  • How do feelings work and how to process them in a healthy way

  • How do you always get our needs met

  • How do you introduce new healthy patterns and beliefs in your life


  • LAUNCH GIFT: lainey's personal meditation practise - guided meditation to set up your Inner World, meet your guides, and learn a more interactive way to meditate, heal, and manifest. Something fun for those who think sitting still and emptying your mind is too hard or too boring


Enrolment fee for the entire Soul Sister Academy



*If you're not satisfied, contact us within 7 days of purchase for a full refund

you will receive:

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to 8 Hours of Course Material with Lainey's Illustrations

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to the Soul Sister Academy Community and Forum

  • Bonus Guided Meditation

  • Bonus one hour Money Mindset Course


your instructor

Lainey Molnar is an illustrator, content creator, speaker, and educator in the women empowerment and spirituality field. She is a TEDx speaker and has amassed over a million social media followers with her captivating comics and insightful videos.


Lainey's journey is one of transformation - she is a survivor and after stepping on a decade-long healing journey she has overcame severe mental health struggles and establish herself as happy, balanced, and healthy.

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She is absolutely delusional she can change the world, and her goal is to liberate all women around the world from societal expectations and double standards and help women heal and reach a high level of life satisfaction.


Lainey believes in the power of community and believes that as women learn how to cultivate a better life for themselves, they will automatically start uplifting one another and connect in new ways that will positively affect society and the way we all live.



Gift your loved ones a healing journey! Click the button below to purchase gift cards in €50, €100, €150, €200, €229 amounts!


Is this a cult or a complete belief system that would oppose my own? Not at all. Lainey deliberately focused on phrasing and shaping everything so it respects everyone’s personal beliefs. There is no doctrine to follow and she explains that you are free to skip whatever doesn’t resonate with you. What if I get stuck before I finish the Academy? As much as we shaped the curriculum to be a whole, it is completely normal to drop out. Everything you are meant to learn and meant to hear will be included, maybe you’re not ready yet for the rest or it wouldn’t serve you at this moment. The goal isn’t to integrate every single thing, it is to get life changing bits as takeaway. What if I don’t want to become “spiritual”? Spirituality is not a lifestyle. It isn’t only yoga girlies dressed in flowy pants, guzzling ceremonial cacao and talking about moon cycles. There is no need to be anything or call yourself anything other than what you align with. It doesn’t even need to have a name. But if it helps you, run with it! What does “mindset shifts” mean and why are there no specific solutions? You will receive sacred knowledge that came to Lainey as downloads in meditation - everything that helped her completely transform her life and heal - even heal things traditional medicine considers lifelong illness. She isn’t qualified to give you solutions and she doesn’t believe in giving out pre-packaged solutions. She believes in opening eyes, making people understand the world and themselves, and guiding them on their journey immediately reveals specific solutions for everyone. It’s a gift of long term hope, trust, and safety, it’s bigger than action plans. I don’t identify as a woman - can I still enroll in this Academy? Of course! The knowledge isn’t gendered. It is focused on women because Lainey identifies as one and her field is women empowerment, so she wanted to create something that centers that experience. But there is so much to learn for everyone else too! Why was the price set at €229? Academies like this are usually priced a lot higher, sometimes even a couple thousand euros, but Lainey wanted to make it priced low enough so a lot more students could afford it, but high enough so whoever enrolls takes it seriously. Our little human brain has a tendency to put more value on things we worked hard or paid a lot for and this is such life changing, important coursework, it definitely deserves attention. Plus Lainey and her team put in six months of full time work, this truly is a lovechild!

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