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I'm 34, originally from Hungary, living in Amsterdam. My background and passion is fashion, I'm an author, ex-blogger, and serial small business owner and ever since my hobby went viral during the pandemic - full-time illustrator and content creator

I'm a so-called black sheep who lived in 5 countries on 3 continents and could never stop traveling. I have 62 tattoos, a second hand shopping habit, I am a survivor, high consciousness chaser, a very social introvert, huge foodie, and you can probably find me doing puzzles, refurbishing designer accessories, or with my nose in a book. But most of all I am a delusional believer in love as a higher power and I identify with my divine femininity

I draw women empowerment comics to liberate women and uterus-owners from the immense societal pressure that affects every area of our lives, and to help all of us heal and grow through (self-)love, kindness, and acceptance. The tone is sometimes provocative, the content is sometimes triggering, but my goal is to build a community, open up discussions, listen with an open mind and heart, and bring both awareness and relief.


My works always put an emphasis on diversity and representation and below is a list of the main causes I stand for:

  • Women Empowerment & Gender Equality

  • Body Acceptance & Self-Love

  • LGBTQ+ Acceptance (as a member of the community)

  • Sex Positivity & Liberation of the Divine Feminine

  • Freedom of Self-Expression Without Judgement

  • Mental Health Struggle Destigmatisation

  • Sustainable & Conscious Fashion

Thank you for reaching out!

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