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lainey molnar - founder of soul sister club

Lainey Molnar is an illustrator, content creator, speaker, and educator in the women empowerment and spirituality field. She is a TEDx speaker and a public speaker and has amassed over a million social media followers with her captivating comics and insightful videos.


Lainey's journey is one of transformation - she is a survivor and after stepping on a decade-long healing journey she has overcame severe mental health struggles and establish herself as happy, balanced, and healthy.

She is absolutely delusional she can change the world, and her goal is to liberate all women around the world from societal expectations and double standards and help women heal and reach a high level of life satisfaction.


Lainey believes in the power of community and believes that as women learn how to cultivate a better life for themselves, they will automatically start uplifting one another and connect in new ways that will positively affect society and the way we all live. Lainey established Soul Sister Club as an umbrella brand to include all endavours to build a community of likeminded women and help them on their healing journey.

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