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My Story

I'm Lainey Molnar, 31 years old, originally from Budapest but the last decade I have lived in the US, UK, Australia, and the Netherlands. As a fashion school graduate, my life took a turn after my first - very opinionated - blog took off in 2009. I ended up founding, building, and shutting down several online businesses, but I knew I’ll figure out the secret sauce eventually.

On my journey a grew a thick skin against bullying, which happens when you’re polarizing on the internet, I wrote a book (survival guide for smart and ambitious women), and I took a detour in online publishing with a hundred thousand set of eyeballs on my articles weekly. I was shortlisted for Forbes 30 Under 30 and I was regularly featured in magazines like Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and InStyle. 

The last 5 years I’ve spent committed to supporting digital creators and brands on social media - I have worked for and with agencies, managed influencers with millions of followers, coached creators of all sizes, did operations management for startups and social media for commercial companies, gaining experience in all angles before I created and perfected the Greater Purpose Method. I retired from living a public life - besides running my hobby illustration Instagram account - and I do not wish to parade around as a social media guru yipping about one-size-fits-all solutions. I work with my clients in an intimate and personal setting, providing a targeted platform- and market-specific support from business operations to growth strategies to reach their goals.

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"As an influencer, your only chance at success is learning how to be a brand. But as a brand, you can only work social media if you can figure out how act like an influencer. Both ways, your success lies in giving back to your followers."

I've always been honest and transparent about my mental health journey, especially after being diagnosed with bipolar and beating the illness after stepping on the way of spirituality, lightwork, and finally happiness. With the focus of love, self-love, and kindness came a realization that my entire chosen industry is headed into a downfall of distorted values and misguided intentions.

I vouched never to leave social media, because I truly believe in the positive powers of influence. Instead I started to pivot my business to help people who want to change the world and to help others find their true purpose. Even though my technical and business skills support this mission, the core of my method will always be empathy, soulwork, and total commitment to my clients, no matter if they're niche influencers or commercial brands.

My Mission

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