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The Soul Sister Academy is a series of online courses for women who don't know where to start when it comes to spirituality and healing.

For those who struggle to love themselves, struggle to find their identity and purpose, struggle to find relationships and friendships where they are valued for who they are, struggle to find their community, or their profession that makes them satisfied and stabile, those who carry traces of trauma, or who struggle with their mental and physical health.

For those who tried different methods or temporary fixes to change their lives or get better, but desire a permanent, significant change.

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What will you learn?

  • What is money? How does it work?

  • Why do women need a paradigm shift about money and what is it?

  • How do you attract a steady flow of money to upgrade your lifestyle and general security and stability?

  • How do you have control over it and stop thinking it has power over you?

  • + Two money manifesting ceremonies (with tips and tricks) that changed Lainey's life and brought her hundreds of thousands of euros throughout the last few years!

“The talk totally resonated with me. I have a healthy relationship with money and don't struggle or fear I won't have it. Maybe that's why it keeps coming?


Lainey is very generous for sharing her journey with other women. I am sure the universe will give her back much more. I'll keep waiting for more talk!


Weird thing, while the talk was on a potential new client was whatsapping me. I was going to ignore it but because Lainey said beware of the opportunities, I paused the video and answered!”


"Thank you so much! It has already started working for me. I've not yet gotten the crystals or candles but it has helped me change the way I think about money and my attitude towards it.


In my head I've been saying the mantras and so far I've sold a painting (something I hadn't been able to do in 6 months) and I've even won a small sum of money on a scratch card.


Small amounts but they mean a lot to this self employed artist!"


“I watched your Money Mindset course. I’ve already been working on my relationship with money so not everything was new to me but all was insightful! Your kind energy is really inspiring! I really felt the part about feeling jealousy about the women who make a lot of money doing a job similar to me. Now I’m ready to let it go, thanks to you!


And I also wanted to share something: I made my money abundance altar and within 3 hours I had a booking for €400! Thank a lot for… well who you are! I really mean it. I love the way you shine, you are precious!”


“Just wanted to tell you that you and your course rock! I’ve only listened to it a few hours ago and haven’t had a chance to do a ritual or set up an altar, but the mindset switch trick already works!


I’ve just received €20 that was not expected at all!!! So excited to see what the universe has for me now that I unleashed its powers! Thank you!!!”


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money mindset course

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Lainey Molnar is a women empowerment content creator, illustrator, and speaker with a global following of over a million. She has gone through a decade long spiritual and healing journey that transformed all areas of her life and brought her health, wealth, happiness, and even supernatural powers. She decided to distill this basic knowledge into an Academy to help women all over the world on their journeys.

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